Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie
Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am one lucky bugger. This week I am in paradise on the Big Island of Hawaii. Julie and Bob have a really nice place overlooking the ocean in Waimea, also known as Kamuela. The whales come in really close to shore along the road we drive to and from town, so we have seen quite a few so far. Tomorrow we go on a whale watching boat, so hopefully we will get up close and personal with some of them.

The day after I got here, we went deep sea fishing on a boat owned by the founder of Cirque de Soleil, Guy Laliberte. Guy is not in Hawaii right now, but his father, Gaston, took us out on the boat. He is friends with Bob and his real estate business partner, and a very nice man. We also got to see Guy's house -- or one of them -- since Gaston and his wife are staying there for the winter. It was fun seeing how a billionaire lives, and wow, what a gorgeous place. He bought it for $35 million a few years ago. Too bad I couldn't take photos. I also got to meet Guy's brother, Jean, who lives here in Hawaii fulltime.

Anyway, back to the fishing. On our way out of the harbor we saw a large pod, or maybe a couple of pods of spinner dolphins. That was fun watching them leaping and spinning, and we saw mothers with babies too. Julie, Bob and I all caught some tiny yellow fin tuna, so we had yummy fresh fish for dinner the next day. Bob had caught a 558 pound marlin on that boat two weeks ago, but this time we only had a bite from a 120 pounder, before it got away. We had a fun day and the water was as smooth as a skating rink. I'll have to post the photos later.

Last night we had a really excellent dinner at Brown's Beach House at the Fairmont Orchid hotel. What a beautiful place! We sat outside amongst the tiki torches for a dinner that lasted several hours, and every course was a mouth-watering delight.

Rylie had a little trouble the first night at Cammie and Doug's place. I think he must have awakened confused about where he was. He was sad the first day and didn't eat his dinner. which is highly unusual for him. But after that he seemed to adjust just fine. I miss that little pork chop, and our morning snuggle.

Rylie's Notes:

Hey, I kind of like it at The Junior Staff's place. They have lots of room, they give me treats, and I get to hang out with a guy for a change. Best of all, I get some table scraps, and this guy can cook!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

The canine patient seems to be feeling fine and is back to his usual tricks, trying to chase squirrels and alerting me when cats get too close to the motorhome. He has very strong feelings about keeping the perimeter of the motorhome a No Cats zone. There's a bunch of them wandering around here.

Our long spell of Spring-like weather finally broke with some rain showers today, but my spirits cannot be dampened -- I'm going to Hawaii! I'm very excited. It has been about six years since I've been there. Cammie and her fiance, Doug, will be taking care of His Royal Highness while I am away. Hopefully he will behave himself.

Get a load of this tricked out Eldorado that I saw at the Lone Pine Film History Museum on Highway 395 when I was there last September:

Does anyone remember which movie this car was in? I have forgotten.

Rylie's Notes:

Short walk today because of the rain. I found an abandoned pizza box ripe for investigation, but of course The Staff pulled me away. She obviously doesn't recognize a real treasure, even when it's right in front of her nose.

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Canine Patient

After I pulled into the parking lot at the vet's office on the morning of Rylie's dental surgery, I opened the passenger door, and he hopped out of the front seat. He looked at where we were, then hopped right back into the car and got into the back seat. I managed to get him out of the car, but he kept trying to go in the opposite direction. Poor little guy was trembling with fear when we got inside.

They wanted to keep him all day so they could give him another pain shot before he went home and make sure he was okay, so I didn't pick him up until after 5:00. It's the first time in our nearly 10 years together that he has not been happy to see me. Not only that, but he kept his back to me the entire ride home. He has never done that. I was definitely in the dog house.

He had a rough time that night and the next day, with lots of whining and pacing, which is not like him. The vet's office advised me to increase the frequency of his pain meds, which I did. He seemed to be feeling much better on the weekend. I'm still giving him soft food and treats, so we're taking it easy. The vet said the remaining tooth was cracked and tough to get out, but it's good that they did so that he wouldn't get an infection. I told him it was for his own good.

Rylie's Notes:

That was a nasty trick, but I made The Staff suffer for it. I gave her the cold shoulder all the way home, and no morning snuggle for two days. That'll teach her to bring me to the vet.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Broken Tooth

Mt. Whitney

Remember all of those photos from my travels along the Eastern Sierras last fall that I keep promising to get posted? Well, here's a few more.

Mono Lake

June Lake

There is a loop around June Lake, as well as some other little lakes, that you can take from Highway 395 that is around 12-15 miles. It's very pretty and there are some quaint towns -- I recommend it. Maybe not this time of year, unless you like snow.

When I was vacuuming last week I discovered that Rylie broke a tooth. A big molar. No more Nylabones for him. I brought him in to the vet, and the rest of it needs to be extracted this week because the pulp is exposed. They will need to put him under anesthesia, and will clean his teeth while they are at it. We also started him on an anti-inflammatory for the limp he has been experiencing off and on since last summer, as well as glucosamine and chondroitin tablets. Does that stuff really work? I hope he is feeling better soon. Poor guy can't always make it when he jumps up to his favorite spots on the bed or the back of the couch.

In other news, I'm going to Hawaii! My sister Julie has lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for two years now, and I can't believe I haven't been over there to visit yet. That's waaaay overdue! I'm very excited.

Rylie's Notes:

Wait a minute. This just sounds like bad news and more bad news. If The Staff thinks I'm going back to vet, she's crazy. I will make my escape while she is sleeping, or maybe when she's in the shower. I can live with a broken tooth.