Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie
Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blood-Sucking Parasite, Continued

Before I left Carson City, I had to get my front shocks on the motorhome replaced. One was completely broken. I think the road to Bodie signed the death certificate on that one. Another $300 down the drain.

And now I'll start the catch up on my recent activities. After I left Pismo Beach I headed to a Lazy Daze Ladeze (ladies) get-together. This was my first with this group, although I have known and traveled with Lorna and some of the other gals before. We stayed at the BLM Tuttle Creek campground at the foot of Mt. Whitney in Lone Pine, CA, on the eastern side of the Sierras along Highway 395. What a view.

The Rigs

My Campsite

The Ladeze

We learned, we ate, we did some wine tasting, and we took in some of the local sights. More on that later.

Rylie's Notes:

There were lots of dogs at this gathering, but as usual, The Staff wouldn't let me hump any of them. How else am I supposed to let them know who's boss?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Laila

Cammie and Laila

When dogs come into our lives, they worm their way into our hearts, they are woven into the fabric of our daily lives, and we are forever changed. For many, dogs become almost like children. I know that for me, just seeing Rylie's wagging tail and freckled face will move me from a sad place to a happy one, and I can't help but smile. When we lose our furry loved ones, it is just as painful as losing a beloved friend or family member.

Laila, also known as The Little Squirt to Rylie, came into my daughter Cammie's life when she was just a little pup. Her beautiful Sheltie coat was complemented by her sweet and loving spirit. Laila struggled with strange health problems that the vets could never diagnose, despite numerous and costly medical tests. Poor Cammie tried everything she could think of - numerous food changes and medications -- but nothing seemed to work. Even though she was only five years old, Laila aged. Her fur became gray, her eyes stopped blinking and she sustained corneal abrasions, she vomited frequently and lost all muscle mass. Despite all of her health problems, Laila never lost her sweet spirit. She always greeted everyone with a wagging tail and kisses, no matter how poorly she was feeling.

Finally, her poor little body couldn't take any more, and Cammie had to say goodbye. For those of you that have lost a pet, you know the toll this takes and how traumatic it can be. Cammie and Laila were both so strong and brave, and this wound will take time to heal, but sweet little Laila will live forever in our hearts. We are better people for having had her in our lives.

We will never know for sure what caused Laila's symptoms, but we wonder if it was the flea treatment she was on since she was a pup. It turns out that many pets are getting sick and even dying from various flea treatments, even when the dosing and application directions are followed to the letter. Dogs younger than three years and less than 20 pounds that are given flea treatments are especially prone to problems. If you give your pet flea treatments, please observe them carefully for any irritation or problems. Also, if you have noticed any problems with your pet after receiving flea treatment, I would be interested in hearing about it. Symptoms can range from hair loss, skin irritations, excitability after receiving treatment, nausea, and neurological problems.

Rylie's Notes:

The Little Squirt was the sweetest little sister a dog could have. I will miss her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Blood-Sucking Parasite

No, I'm not talking about Rylie. I'm referring to my motorhome. I had another electrical problem last week, requiring another visit from the RV doctor. This time it was apparently a loose wire in the automatic transfer switch behind the converter that caused the wire to melt and I lost my electricity -- again. Grrrrrr. I have decided that this is an expensive way to live when you consider all of the repair costs.

At least it stopped raining. It was really cold last week, and very dreary with lots of thunderstorms. Poor Rylie was shaking like a leaf and sticking to my legs like a barnacle. He hates thunder. The temperatures in Carson City went from 95 degrees to 48 degrees in just a few days. It has warmed up a bit since then.

Rylie's Notes:

The Staff gets very grumpy when the motorhome requires repairs. She gets all worked up over a little thing like an electrical problem. Now thunderstorms, THAT's something to get worked up about.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

More Pismo Beach Photos

I'm posting some more photos that I took while I was at Pismo Beach. There were some really neat rocks on the beach in a variety of colors, as you'll see below. You'll probably need to double click on the photos to get the full effect.

Tire tracks on Pismo Beach. You can drive on a portion of it.

One day while we were walking on the beach we saw all of these people in the water, and they were not wearing wet suits. That water is cold! These brave souls were there helping disabled people to surf. Everyone cheered when someone successfully surfed a wave. It was a great sight.

There is an old stairway at the end of the beach, with a sign stating that it is dangerous and closed.

You can see why when you get a closer look:

I love the photo below. That's something you don't see very often on the beach.

Rylie's Notes:

Some people might find those beach photos interesting, but I prefer the one below:

Me in my new bed. Ahhhhhh.