Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie
Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bra Party

Get a bunch of women together with some wine and a suitcase full of lingerie, and you never know what might happen. I went to my first bra party recently. If you don't know what a bra party is, it's like a Tupperware party with bras instead of plastic containers. No men allowed. It's a way to get properly fitted for a garment that can be a devil to fit right. It turns out I have been wearing the right size, although technically, I'm kind of in between sizes. Whose idea was it to come up with that sizing criteria anyway? For you men out there, I'm sorry to report that I do not have any photos to share of the event.

Now for my weather report: Summer has finally arrived in the San Francisco East Bay. We have been blessed with really nice daytime temperatures this summer, but way cooler than average. Today brought the first 100+ degree day. The past couple of nights have been really warm and pleasant, instead of cold and windy like we've had all summer.

As I write this there is a wildfire out of control on the back side of Mt. Diablo, but no homes are threatened at this time. Clayton and Blackhawk are close to the fire, so I'm sure those folks are a bit nervous.

Rylie's Notes:

I had a bra party once. The main feature was a sports bra left on the bed by The Staff, which I tried on when she wasn't looking. It didn't seem to fit quite right:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Social Stuff

Awhile back I went for a hike with some gal pals (above) in the hills above Martinez. The scenery looks pretty bleak in the photo above, but that was just a short portion of the hike along a ridge, and we did have a nice view of the Benicia Bridge, below.

Another time I had dinner with another friend in Benicia, which is a really quaint little town just over the bridge from Martinez. Their downtown area has some nice restaurants, a nice wine bar, and cute shops in unique buildings with character. Martinez has some quaint buildings and homes too. I'm a sucker for those quaint little downtowns. They don't seem to make many interesting buildings anymore. The newer ones all seem to look the same.

I saw Eat, Pray, Love this week with a couple of friends. It definitely was not as good as the book, which I read twice, but it was okay. It sure made me want to go back to Italy. I wouldn't mind going to Bali either, or India, for that matter. I'm itching for an international trip. Maybe in January.

I have also been to a barbecue with some friends, got a visit from a friend I met in Pahrump, had a massage, and went to see an acupuncturist for the first time in my life. She put me on an elimination diet to see if I am having food allergies. No wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol, and the kicker -- no Diet Coke. Just shoot me now and put me out of my misery. Since those were all of my basic food groups, I'm having a hard time coming up with meal plans. But it will be worth it if I can figure out what has me feeling lousy.

Those of you who have been following me for awhile may remember that I attempted to give up Diet Coke a couple of years ago. I don't drink coffee, so Diet Coke is my coffee, and I am attached to it, like many people are to their coffee. When I tried to give it up two years ago, I failed miserably. I went from two Diet Cokes per day down to one every other day, but couldn't give it up completely. Eventually, I was back up to two per day. This time I'm having a little more success, but still have not given it up completely. I have stumbled a few times, and it has only been ten days. I had a headache every day for a week, but it's better now. However, the cravings have not disappeared. What an addict!

My work project is winding up, and I will be going back to my Air Photo work in September. But first I am going to take a vacation in one of my favorite areas, the Central Coast area of California. My sister Julie and her husband Bob will be visiting from Hawaii, so I'll get to spend some time with them and my friend DeAnn. After that I'll head to the mountains for a get-together with some of the Lazy Daze ladies, or Ladeze, as they are known. After that I'll head back to work. I really don't feel ready to leave this area, but someone has to bring home the bacon for Rylie.

Rylie's Notes:

Bacon? I don't see anyone bringing home bacon for me. I get DIET dog food. If it weren't for the chicken strips and liver treats, I would have to fire The Staff.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Does anyone out there know how to use Camtasia software? I need help with a training video I created in this software. Email me as soon as you can at heidiLyoung@gmail.com if you do. Thanks!

Rylie's Notes:

I already have the solution to The Staff's software problem, but of course, she didn't ask me.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

For the Animal Lovers

This is a wonderful story.


Rylie's Notes:

And some people think we are just "dumb animals." Well, someone is dumb, all right, but it isn't the animals.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Slowing Down

I'll be honest, I'm having a hard time coming up with the time and ideas for blog posts now that I'm doing the working stiff 40 and staying put for awhile. I haven't even been writing as many Examiner articles. I need to have SOME time for fun! I don't think I'll be posting as often, but I'll still post now and then.

Rylie's Notes:

Maybe I should take over. I have plenty of time on my paws.