Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie
Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Best Pizza Ever

Cammie, Doug and I went out for pizza at Zachary's in San Ramon, and boy was it good! It's my all time favorite pizza now. We had the deep dish stuffed pizza, but they also have a thin crust for you wimpy types. Their sauce is so tasty, but be warned: This pizza really packs a wallop. One slice will probably do for most people.

I recently got new tires for the motorhome, so my wallet is feeling considerably lighter now. I'm really hoping that does it for repairs and maintenance for awhile, although I see that my end caps are cracking. Sigh. I've had quite a run on repairs and maintenance lately.

The weather in the East Bay has been terrible! Well, relatively speaking. I know I'm spoiled. It has been cold, rainy, and the temperatures are about 15 degrees below normal. In fact, I just heard on the news that this is the coldest May in history. That seems to be the trend, wherever I go. Even Florida was cold, for Florida. That's okay, it could be much, much worse. I'm just happy that Rylie and I have still been able to get our exercise on the trail in the mornings. The rain has kindly avoided our morning outing time. It's supposed to warm up a bit this weekend.

I've been having such a good time with Cammie and friends. More fun coming up this weekend!

Here is the link to my latest article, if you care to read it:


Rylie's Notes:

It's kind of nice having The Staff working at home, although she spends way too much time on that computer. I was thinking that since she is here all day, I could be fed more than two meals per day. I keep trying to convince her that this is a good idea, but so far she just isn't getting it. What's the point of having all of that food around, if you're just going to store it in a cupboard? I say, put it to good use, and I would be happy to help with that.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Squirrel Rescue

Rylie and I were returning from our morning walk recently, when we came upon a squirrel lying flat as a pancake in the driveway of the RV park. It had not been there when we left for our walk 45 minutes earlier, and I assumed it had been killed by a car moving too fast. Rylie's eyes lit up when he saw it and he pulled at the leash, no doubt excited at the prospect of finally catching one of those elusive little buggers. I held fast to the leash and as we drew near, the squirrel startled me by opening its eyes.

The poor thing was paralyzed from the waist down, so I moved him off the road and beneath a bush while I tried to find someone who could help him. A nearby veterinarian hospital told me to contact the Lindsay Wildlife Museum Hospital in Walnut Creek, so I put the squirrel in a container and hurried over there. Even though there was a steady stream of injured birds and animals being brought in, the able volunteers took the squirrel to the back immediately to assess the damage. I was given some information, a free pass to the museum, and a reference number so that I could call and check on the status of the squirrel. Well, of course I did. Unfortunately, little Pancake didn't make it. I was told that he died shortly after I dropped him off. I suspected that they put him out of his misery, because he was in pain and was probably too injured to be saved. It was sad, but at least he didn't suffer very long. The neat thing is, the Lindsay Wildlife Hospital treats about 5,000 animals per year. What a great organization! We need more of those around the country.

If you like, you can read my Examiner article about it:


Besides attempting to rescue squirrels, I have been working hard, enjoying time with Cammie and her boyfriend Doug, and getting together with friends. Busy, busy, busy!

Rylie's Notes:

I almost had it! Finally, a squirrel within reach, can't move, and The Staff won't even let me claim my victory. I think this is grounds for dismissal.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Apparently, my article links didn't work in the last post. (Thanks for letting me know, Cammie.) I'm going to try it again.



If they don't work this time, I guess you'll just have to go to Examiner.com and search on my name to find the articles.

Stay tuned for my next post about the squirrel rescue.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Las Vegas and The Mother Ship

Before I left Las Vegas, Amy and I went out to celebrate her birthday a little early. We had dinner at Maggione's (yum!) and then went to the top of The Stratosphere for a drink in the lounge while the sun set. What a spectacular view! We even got to see people jumping off the tower for that SkyJump experience they have. In fact, when we were done with our glass of wine we went to where they were prepping a couple of people to jump. One guy was pretty nervous, even though he had been skydiving a bunch of times and done a few bungee jumps. But he was brave and took the plunge. This is a controlled free fall 108 floors with a zip line of sorts attached.

Here is the link to my recent Examiner.com article about it:


Here's a tip: If you have a drink in the bar, you don't have to pay the $16 to ride up the elevator in the tower to see the attractions and the view.

When I left Las Vegas, I stopped in Montclair, CA to visit the Lazy Daze mother ship to have some repairs done. I was supposed to get tires for the motorhome the day before I left Vegas, but they didn't get them in. I guess I'll be getting them in the Bay Area instead.

I was soooooo happy to see Cammie, and so was Rylie! We had dinner with her boyfriend Doug on Friday night, and then Doug cooked dinner for us on Saturday night. I had a great Mother's Day too. Cammie had to work, so I spent time with my friend Nancy -- I was soooo happy to see her too! Then Cammie and I had dinner and spent time together after she got done with work. It was a very fun weekend, and it's good to be back in the Bay Area among family and friends.

I'm providing the link to my article about Red Rock Canyon, because there just isn't enough time to repeat photos and everything:


Rylie's Notes:

Yeah, The Junior Staff was pretty happy to see me. She really misses me when it has been so long since we've seen each other. She brought The Little Squirt over with her, and she was REALLY happy to see me. The other thing about being back here: There's a major squirrel tree right outside the window. It's better than HBO.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Maintenance and Red Rock Canyon

Wild Burros in Red Rock Canyon

Yesterday I had a couple of RV techs here to do some maintenance on my appliances and fix a couple of things. These guys are good, and for once, I was pleased with the work I received from an RV tech. All of my previous experiences with RV techs have resulted in something being screwed up, but so far, everything seems okay. The guy who owns this business is master certified, and he seems knowledgeable, conscientious, and nice. How refreshing! If you need someone to fix or maintain something in Las Vegas, call Mark Price at Desert Mobile RV Repair (www.desertmobileRVrepair.com).

Tomorrow I have someone coming to flush out my black water tank. Hopefully my sensors will work properly after that. It looks like I will need to get new tires for the motorhome too. Even though they aren't even four years old yet and the tread is okay, they have cracks. That's going to cost a pretty penny. Between the car and the motorhome, I sure have been spending a lot on repairs and maintenance lately. I'm going to be stopping at the Lazy Daze factory this week on my way to the Bay Area to have some more work done. I need to have my electrical system checked and a couple of things replaced. Hopefully that will do it for repairs and maintenance for awhile.

I'm so excited to get back to the Bay Area and see Cammie! And my friends too!

Today I went to Red Rock Canyon and had a nice drive and a little hike. Rylie seemed pretty happy to get out of the motorhome and hop around on the rocks, but we didn't hike for long because he seemed tired. We saw some wild burros there which made me happy -- I was really hoping to see some -- but Rylie seemed unimpressed.

Rylie's Notes:

It seems to make The Staff happy when I get her out for a hike or to see some scenery. I could have hiked much longer, but she was lagging today. She lets me hang my head out the window when we're driving slow. That always gives me a good olfactory rush.