Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie
Heidi (in front) - The Staff to Rylie

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Orleans - Presbytere Museum and St. Louis Cemetery

Seahorse Costume

The Presbytere Museum in New Orleans had an exhibit of the Zulu costumes from many years of Mardi Gras, so we went to check it out. Talk about elaborate! They must have spent all year creating some of those costumes with their bead work, feathers and humongous headdresses.

Now you can't celebrate Halloween in New Orleans without a trip to the cemetery, so off we went to St. Louis cemetery. Some of the graves, or vaults, are very grand:

And others could use a little attention:

Then there are the oven vaults, because they look like...:

Then there is the one that everyone was looking for, the grave of Marie Laveaux. Marie was known as the voodoo queen, which explains all of the x's and strange offerings at her gravesite:

I think I have posted just about everything I can about New Orleans for now. I have been busy with work in Beaumont, and sales have been great. My swing dance classes have been fun too. I can't believe it's almost December!

Rylie's Notes:

Less than one month until The Junior Staff comes to visit us in Florida, and I can hardly wait! She'll tease me by blowing in my face, and then I'll retaliate by jumping up and kissing her -- on the mouth. She'll squeal and furiously wipe her mouth off -- oh the fun we'll have!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Orleans and Gene Simmons

As I mentioned in my Halloween post on New Orleans, we spent some time at Pat O'Brien's, a well-known pub that has inhabited the French Quarter for many, many years. Although the main entrance is pretty unassuming, once you step inside you feel the history of the place, especially once you get a gander at the hundreds of beer steins hanging from the ceiling. They have a great courtyard out back for indulging in a hurricane drink -- you MUST have a hurricane drink if you go to New Orleans -- and it was a great place to spend Halloween.

Pat O'Brien's

Some of the Beer Steins at Pat O'Brien's

One of the restaurants where we had dinner was Jacques Imo's, a very popular Cajun and Creole place. You walk through the kitchen to get to your table, and the place is packed. While we were indulging in our tasty meal, the place was swarmed by Gene Simmons and his entourage, busy filming for his reality show. Gene Simmons is a member of the band Kiss, who was in town performing at the VooDoo Fest.

It was interesting to see how these reality shows are filmed. These so-called "reality" shows are not very real at all, since they do multiple takes. It was amusing to see Gene and his gang arrive, greet some of the fellow patrons as you see in the photo below, and then a few minutes later everyone got up and left, and then entered again -- a re-take. There were cameramen
and other staff all over the kitchen and blocking the walkways, and as we were leaving, we got a glimpse of the special cupcakes the restaurant had prepared with Gene's likeness in frosting.

Gene Simmons at Jacques Imo's

Another restaurant that provided a tasty meal was Palm Court, which also provided a great jazz band. The food was fantastic in New Orleans, the music plentiful, the architecture beautiful, and the people-watching was soooo very interesting.

Rylie's Notes:

Blackie and I got to pal around outside for quite some time while The Staff was chatting up her friends. I needed some canine contact. The Staff is fine, but she just doesn't get it like dogs do. Humans are a bit dense sometimes.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Orleans

St. Louis Cathedral

New Orleans is a city filled with music, art, history, and beautiful architecture. It is also a city of survivors and perseverence, and maybe that's why. It has great character and is so very interesting, and maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much. I really loved all of the beautiful buildings in the French Quarter and the Garden District. I don't have any photos of the Garden District, but I'm including some from the French Quarter.

The Court of Two Sisters

The Court of Two Sisters is the restaurant where we had a great jazz brunch out in the courtyard.

River's Edge Restaurant on Jackson Square

Former Jax Beer Brewery

Jackson Square

Carriages Along Jackson Square

Just an Interesting Building

The Mississippi River

Street Performers with a Pumpkin for Tips

There are plenty of great street performers all over the French Quarter, and live music everywhere you turn. There is no shortage of entertainment here.

As I was riding around the city I did also see a lot of damage still remaining from Hurricane Katrina in the less affluent areas, but I chose to focus on the beauty and strength of the city on this trip. The damage in the more affluent areas appears to have already been repaired.

I'm not done with New Orleans yet. I still have a few more photos to post. I also plan to stop in New Orleans again on my way to Florida. I barely scratched the surface.

Rylie's Notes:

While The Staff was off whooping it up with her friends, I invited Blackie and Sambo over for a night of fun. Normally I don't include cats, since they are on the other team, but Sambo is more like a dog. First I suggested that we chase the nine stray cats and the opossum that had taken up residence at the RV park, but Sambo wasn't very interested in that idea. We finally settled on raiding the fridge and cupboards and tearing around the motorhome to fling as much dog and cat hair as we could around the premises. Our work was done.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Fire Fountain at Pat O'Briens

I met up with some friends from all over the country in New Orleans and spent four days, including Halloween. I can't imagine a more fun and crazy place to be for Halloween. It was like Mardi Gras. They even had a parade, beads, and the streets of the French Quarter were packed with people in costume, especially on Bourbon Street. We just stood on a corner on Bourbon Street for awhile and watched the people go by. I have tons of photos, although not always of the best quality. Most of the photos were taken of people as they walked by, although quite a few stopped to pose for photo ops. Remember that you can double click on the photos to see them better.

Eventually we got a little thirsty, and decided to go to Pat O'Brien's, an old, famous bar in the Quarter, for a hurricane drink. They were having a costume contest there, and we were lucky enough to get a primo table in the courtyard right by the fountain, which is where everyone stopped to pose for photos. I had sooooo much fun!

Rylie's Notes:

All I want to know is, what happened to the trick-or-treat bag?